Wheelchairs – History and the Necessity of Manual Wheelchairs

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It’s thought that the wheelchair is comes from England in 1670s. As its name, a wheelchair can be a seat with wheels. It can be propelled both personally or using electric power. Carrying people who have walking problems may be the primary function of the wheelchair.

A regular wheelchair features a couch, a back, two little front wheels, two large wheels, and a footrest. Over the years, wheelchairs were customized to meet the requirements in their people. Various accessories can also be offered to be added in a wheelchair, such as seatbelt, adjustable backrest, body, and cup holder. The electronic-powered wheelchair was developed during World War 2 and possesses become popular nowadays because it provides exceptional freedom of activity to its customers.

Another kind of wheelchairs is a sport wheelchair, that includes a sleek design to supply agility and speed. Common wheelchair sports are basketball, rugby, golf, and racing. A hobby wheelchair is non-flip to keep up its energy, features a pronounced direction for the wheels to provide stability on transforming, and light. This wheelchair is not for daily use, while some people would rather use it everyday.

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The development of the wheelchair advances quickly following a development in technology. Today, high tech wheelchairs have already been developed and maybe one of the most famous one is iBot. This wheelchair has numerous abilities, such as a self-handling capacity, operating on two wheels, and climbing the stairs.

Nowadays public are far more aware towards individuals who are restricted in wheelchairs. Thus, to be able to increase their quality of life, gates and elevators are supplied in most public buildings as wheelchair accesses. Public transfers also have offered wheelchair accesses and unique spots for wheelchairs to be attached.

Why I still see manual wheelchairs everywhere

Perhaps you are wondering about this because obviously you’re feeling that electrical-powered wheelchair is a lot easier because of its individual as opposed to the manual one. However, also in today’s advanced world, manual wheelchair remains required using circumstances. You might be surprise, however, many folks just do not like engineering and choose to use the old reliable manual wheelchair. They’re pleased with it and do not feel the has to use electrical-powered wheelchair.

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